Feb 5, 2007

this is my 2000th post

Should I celebrate? Mourn the lost time? Take all the writerly energy I've been storing in a leaking lead-acid battery in the back of my brain and sit down and shut up and start the book I've been putting off and putting off because there's too much blogging in the way?

Should I go back and point out every post where I've been wrong, where no one's noticed? Thank every blogging neighbor by name or pseudonym for all the times I was linked to and didn't tip the hat? Finish categorizing all my posts so I can see which category dominates? Lose track of Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick already? Blog more about LD debate? Take more photos? Link more liberally?

I should stop using question marks.

Maybe this is the exposition, two thousand posts of character development.

Maybe this is the rising action, a roller coaster of conflict jolting toward the summit.

Maybe this is the climax. From here it's all denouement.


I blog for maybe.

Stick around.

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