Feb 27, 2007


This is a test of Google Docs and Spreadsheets. This is a link test. This is a test of italics. This is a test of bold print.

It works. By gum, it works. (That was a test of outdated idioms.)

Update: No, really, it works. Except for the title part. Hmm.

Update: The "tag" feature isn't working, either. I'll keep testing, so don't worry if weird posts show up and disappear for the next little while. (Oh, and yes, I did add the title and tags ex post facto.)

Update update: apparently, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, which says you can import the title and tags from GD&S to your blog, can't quite do it for Beta. Darn.


Matthew Anderson said...

Try out Windows Live Writer. It's not an online app, but it has WYSIWYG writing. I use it all the time.

Jim Anderson said...

If it can't post directly to a blog, I don't really need it. I was initially sold on Google's ability to publish here.

Matthew Anderson said...

Sorry for the confusion. While it's not an online app, it does post directly to your blog. It works great and it's fun to see how things look before actually posting them (in fact, it's made uploading pictures a whole lot easier for me, except that I'm on Wordpress so you probably don't care about that).