Feb 11, 2007

"political ethics" as a means to world peace

Related to the current resolution, in "A Normative Framework for Addressing Peace and Related Global Issues," William C. Gay argues that the time has come for "political ethics" [pdf].
The structure of my argument is as follows: I will begin by reviewing the parochial and warist implications of the focus on national sovereignty within Enlightenment political philosophy from Thomas Hobbes through Immanuel Kant. Then, after indicating how Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx point beyond the modern state in a way that would allow for the global application of normative principles, I will note that the Hegelian and Marxian traditions have not made this normative prospect focal. Finally, in order to develop a global normative framework, I will connect the efforts within twentieth-century philosophy to develop arenas of applied ethics to recent efforts in political science to develop a model of a humane world community. I will argue that we need to develop both nationally and internationally what Dewey and Daniel Robinson termed political ethics and we need to pursue a set of global humanist values such as the ones proposed by Robert Johansen.6
Might be worth a look-see if you need ideas for the Aff, especially since Gay argues that the social contract theory that undergirds national sovereignty essentially sets nations up to be like humans in the state of nature, perpetually at war.


TheTachyix said...

Have you considered creating a series of debate related articles? Or do the tags just cover that now?

Jim Anderson said...

The tags are where it's at.

I should probably drum up some sort of script that creates a decorabilia-minus-the-LD-debate, for all those who aren't particularly interested in values and criteria and paradigms and whatnot.