Feb 7, 2007

lost WASL = waiver for students

The company that ships the WASLs for scoring lost their tests, but the students won't have to retake 'em (again), thanks to a recent decision by Terry Bergeson.
In a letter Monday to the Ki-Be students, Bergeson explained the juniors still are responsible for passing sections of the exam that weren't lost.

And if they want to earn a state Certificate of Academic Achievement that shows the students have met academic standards, they will have to pass the three required sections or a state-approved alternative, she said.

State officials looked at the students' transcripts and other records but had a hard time determining from them whether each had the skills to earn the certificate, Bergeson wrote.

"I strongly recommend that you retake the test or use one of the alternatives. It is important to know that you have these essential skills," she wrote.
The tests would have been scored in Iowa. Just another outsourcing anecdote to add to the pile.

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