Feb 23, 2007

Iron Rabbit disappoints--or does it? (It doesn't.)

Update 5/19/07: I have visited twice in the past month, once alone, and once with a longtime friend, who declared their standard burger one of the top five he's ever had. I finally tried the Tequila Chicken, which is fiery and garlicky in just the right quantities. (Recipe here.)

The service was friendly and adequate--just one rookie mistake, letting coffee get cold by waiting until dessert to refresh. Minor, especially given the overall amiable atmosphere.

The food is moderately priced but outstanding in quality. I'm pleased to say that giving Iron Rabbit a second and third chance was a wise choice. I'll come back with family and friends, and recommend the same to you.

Update 4/23/07: I've thought twice and am going to visit the Iron Rabbit again. I want to be fair to the restaurant and my readers, and will publish an update as soon as I've visited. I also welcome the comments of other patrons.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to blog this, but here goes.

The Iron Rabbit, darling of The Olympian, lost a customer today. Not because of the food, which was good, or the service, which was wildly inconsistent, but because of poor customer relations.

The circumstances: we visited last Friday, were seated, small-talked with the server, and then waited for our order to arrive. The restaurant's open setup lets you watch the cook in action, so you can see just when your entrée hits the heat lamp, and then sits there as your server goes AWOL. And you wait. And wait some more.

My wife, patience gone, went and picked it up off the counter as the cook stared, clueless. Moments later our new (guiltless and competent) server arrived, and we realized that we were victims of a shift change. A neighboring couple was apologetic, offering explanations for the delay, as if they wanted us to enjoy our experience even more than the staff did. Nonplussed, we filled out a comment card with our name, phone number, and email, left, and waited to see how management would handle it.

And waited. And waited some more. I held off writing this for a whole week, just to give the restaurant the chance to earn a customer for life. I figured a place that would solicit comments--and ask for contact info--would care enough to respond.


So, sorry, Iron Rabbit. You have great food, I'll grant, and a friendly atmosphere. I even hear you have some decent live music. But service makes or breaks the experience. Consequently, I won't recommend you to my friends, and I'll think twice before visiting again.

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