Feb 9, 2007

CHS boys basketball beats expectations, Clover Park

When my wife and I first walked into the gym, we were met by a freshman from one of my English classes. "You missed my C-Team game," he said, "but it's okay, 'cause we stomped 'em by 25."

"How about varsity?" I asked.

"Not so good, Mr. A. They're gonna beat us pretty badly--they've got these two players who are all-star material."

I confessed that this was my first basketball game in my five-year career. (Basketball's always in the thick of the debate season.) "Where are the good seats?"

"Over there," he said, motioning to the right. "The student side is pretty obnoxious."

Indeed they were--in the best possible way. Capital's amateur pep crew cheered their team to victory over Clover Park, hollering and chanting the whole way, painted up like a college mob. The game started slowly for the Cougars, who got into a double-digit hole in the first quarter, but as our defense heated up and shots started falling, we climbed back to within three at the half.

Early in the third quarter, aggressive defense by the Cougs--coach Galloway put on a full-court trap nearly the entire game--and some sloppy play by Clover Park led to our first lead. You could tell that CP's offense was totally dependent on its all stars, and not nearly as disciplined in its execution Defensively, CHS swarmed to the ball, creating turnovers and grabbing crucial rebounds. In the end, the wheels fell off for Clover Park, and the Cougs never looked back.

Final score: CHS 80, Clover Park 64. Not a bad way to build some momentum for districts. Congrats to Coach Galloway and a hustling Cougar squad.

Addendum: For those of you searching for "Capital High School Narrows League," be advised that we're 3A now, Western Cascade Conference.

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