Feb 22, 2007

the briefest summary of all

Lobby Day in three sentences:
A squad of WEA members from the Olympia area visited with their local legislators on Presidents' Day. They advocated for smaller class sizes, all-day kindergarten and improved compensation. "I'm interested in learning more and getting more involved," said Cindy Roaf, president of the Shelton ESP.
Lobby Day in one word: fun.


Josef said...

I too found something in Outlook worth blogging.

Jim Anderson said...

Oh man... I used to live in Elma, where you can hear the sprints speedway din for miles. NIMBY, NASCAR.

Ryan said...

I used to love to go to the track in Tenino for the bump-to-pass and the d-derby every 4th of July. The thought of full Nascar in Lewis County, though, makes me wretch.