Feb 18, 2007

around these parts: an ego trip

You'll notice some new links on the sidebar: WashBlog and Olympia Time, the former involving and the latter exclusive to Emmett O'Connell, a local blogger / activist. And, if I may indulge my ego for a moment, Mr. O'Connell calls this here blog "the best political blog I read." (I would call it "the best political blog in the universe," but there's a lot of competition, and I'm only about 99.2% certain.)

Also, we (Emmett and I) got noticed by WE Magazine, who quoted us on Gary Davenport.

What are you still doing here? Click the links.


Emmett said...

Thanks man!

Just as a note of explanation, I wanted to explain why your the best. You're a pretty good writer, and unlike a lot of political bloggers, it doesn't seem like your blogging for self important reasons (oh, I'm a blogger now!), but rather as an extension of your regular life.

Me? I blog for self important reasons, but I want to be the other way.

By the way, did you notice the note at the bottom of the WEA page? Something like "you'll never know what you'll find out there in the world of blogs." Oh geese.

Jim Anderson said...

I saw that. They're still a little bit twentieth century in the WEA, but us younguns are changing that.