Jan 25, 2007

speedcubing: the saddest hobby in the world

What is speedcubing, you ask? Take a Rubik's cube. Fix it up for maximum mobility (yep: lube it, among other things). Then cube away to your nerd brain's content. And remember that pleasure is an elusive asymptote.

Actually, to be more precise, speedcubing itself isn't sad. Posting to speedcubing websites is truly the saddest hobby in the world.

The reason should become clear: people--mostly men--post their unofficial average times to the web. A typical entry:
(08.63) 11.18 11.85 12.17 12.28 10.84 12.15 12.11 13.48 11.20 (14.43) 09.91

PLL skips: 8.63 10.84 9.91
OLL skip: 12.11

I hurt my leg during the average... although I am ok. I had some leg spasms over the excitement and hit a table... ouch. BUT I am uber EXCITED! I never thought I would get a sub 12... Thanks for the people that helped me! Now... I need to work on getting these kinds of times in competition... WITHOUT the panic!
Now, why would anyone in the world...

1. Be interested in an unofficial time?
2. Trust anyone to post an accurate unofficial time?
3. Post their unofficial time for any reason other than pure, unadulterated egotism?
4. Mention leg spasms in a public forum?


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