Jan 25, 2007

Kyle Basler is still a punter's punter

I had lost track of the best leg to come out of Elma, Kyle Basler, punter extraordinaire, who was signed by the Cleveland Browns but never got the playing time his booting skills merited. Good to hear that he's picked up a contract with the Browns again, headed for Europe and another shot at greatness. Best of luck, Mr. Basler.

Update 1/7/2008: Since NFL Europa folded back in August, I'm not sure what's become of Kyle Basler. If you're aware of his present status, please email me at the address at right.

Update 8/8/2008: A reader's question about Basler has prompted me to investigate further. After the Daily World's report of an injury in the waning days of NFL Europa, there's little mention of Basler in the media.

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Anonymous said...

Kyle Basler is married and works for Boeing.