Jan 3, 2007

Foss High School shooter arrested

From KOMO news:
A student was shot to death at his high school as classes were about to start Wednesday morning, and police arrested another student found wandering in a nearby neighborhood, officials said.

Police said the suspected shooter fled the school shortly after the 7:30 a.m. shooting, but was arrested a few hours later.

The victim died of his wounds, said police Spokesman Mark Fulghum, but he did not know what may have prompted the shooting. The victim's name and age were not immediately released.

Fulghum said the suspect was found near his house, a few miles from the school. The suspected shooter is also a student at Foss High School.
Foss is a half hour up I-5. As a student in Evergreen's MIT program, I did observations there a few years ago, and it's my wife's alma mater, so hearing that a student had been shot this morning was more than a little disconcerting.

Update: The victim's name is known, and though the motive is entirely unclear, it's obvious from the M.O. that it was a hit.

Update II: There's much more, unsurprisingly, over at the News-Tribune. Lots of rumors, too.

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