Jan 25, 2007

communism in the marketplace of ideas

As Federal Way puts a wrap on its controversy over controversy, Mr. Rain notes that the virus has spread eastward to Yakima.
Roll that around your head for a minute. The environmental club might be told that, to show An Inconvenient Truth, they also need to present materials opposed to the movie. The Environmental Club could be put in a position where they have to present the case of the polluters.

While I'm having fun with logical fallacies, let's hop on a slippery slope! Should the Religion Club have to show Saved! right along side The Passion of the Christ? The Young Republicans forced into Fahrenheit 9/11 before they can watch tonight's O'Reilly Factor? Can a school work too hard to achieve a neutral mien, and in the process become irrelevant?
Our school just witnessed a presentation by Craig Scott of Rachel's Challenge. Oddly, no one was there for the rebuttal. Maybe "prejudice is a useful form of intuition" deserves a wider hearing, along with "journaling is for sissies" and "mean people don't suck."

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