Jan 29, 2007

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: halfway home

Picking his rookie of the year so far, ESPN's John Hollinger writes,
Adam Morrison? Please. If Bobcats games were nationally televised, his awfulness would be more well-known.
Greg Anthony is a little more optimistic:
Even though he hasn't shot the ball the way some would like (37.7 FG percent), he's been pretty solid playing 33 minutes a night and averaging 13.5 ppg.

I think his confidence is getting better. He's playing a lot of minutes and, unlike Bargnani, was expected to contribute immediately. Overall he has good basketball instincts, so I think he will continue to grow in his game.
Meanwhile, J.J. Redick is still gunning for a shot on the Surreal Life. Not much else he can get at this point.

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