Jan 13, 2007

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: January 13

I've given up counting the days. (It's been a while, too.) Nevertheless, at the request of a family member, let's see how the two darlings of the draft have fared as of late.

Morrison scored 17 against the 76ers in a scrappy victory for bragging rights in the backwaters of the Eastern bloc. Morrison's best contribution:
The Bobcats also blew a 17-point lead along with their cool. With the Bobcats clinging to a 79-76 lead, Morrison, upset over a traveling violation seconds earlier, was called for a technical foul. Official Kevin Fehr then immediately hit Bickerstaff's son John-Blair with another technical.

Kyle Korver hit both free throws, and seconds later Samuel Dalembert's dunk gave Philadelphia its first lead since the first quarter.

"I put my team in a bad situation," Morrison said. "I can't argue there. Luckily we pulled it out."
Quoth coach Bickerstaff,
"I've never seen an uglier win. But when they write it down they say 'W.' They don't put a 'U' by it."
When you're as bad as the Bobcats, you can afford to be brutally honest.

Meanwhile, to give you a sense of just how bad the Eastern Conference is, the Suns, in beating Redick's Magic, improved to 17-1 against the Right Coast. Orlando dropped to 22-16. Redick sat. (Duke's going to retire his number. How sweet of them.)


Ed Brayton said...

Are you dissin' my boy JJ? I'm sending Christian Laettner right over to stomp on your chest.

Jim Anderson said...

Zing! I wish they'd trade Redick, so he could at least get some playing time and prove everybody right or wrong. He's pretty much superfluous in Orlando.

Ed Brayton said...

Yeah, I'm sure he isn't happy with how things are going at all. And I actually thought that Orlando would be a good fit for him when they drafted him. And I agree, until he actually gets to play we'll never know if he's really got what it takes to be an NBA player. Morrison certainly does, that much is clear.