Dec 24, 2006


Watch out where you aim your spiritual weapons: you just might end up in the line of fire.
In an e-mail to supervisors, the male co-worker said he was invited to witness the praying and cleansing but became uncomfortable when Shatkin began to chant loudly and rub perfumed oil on the absent co-worker's cubicle wall.

The man quoted Shatkin as praying, "You vicious evil dogs. Get the hell out of here in the name of Jesus. ... I command you to leave."
The only ones leaving: Shatkin and her female co-prayer-warrior. Both were fired for creating a "hostile work environment" and appropriating university property. They're now suing, claiming religious discrimination because no one warned them they could be axed if they were loony.


AC said...

I bought some holy anointing oil at the base of Masada near the dead sea a couple of weeks ago. I was going to use it to rub on my coworkers cubicle desks, but then I needed something to go with my pita, so I ran out. Does imbibing holy oil make me holy, or simply blasphemous?

Jim Anderson said...

What am I, the Dear Abby of theological conundrums? (The answer to your question is "yes.")