Dec 16, 2006

parlez vous dérivé?

The Times, always willing to spend other people's money, supports Gregoire's math initiative.
A critical voice on this must be that of Terry Bergeson, the superintendent of public instruction. It is to Bergeson we must all look for leadership as 296 school districts begin aligning their math curricula and installing teachers qualified to teach math. Schools will have to increase their math classes to accommodate students who will have to skip electives and tackle more math.

Gregoire has outlined the road map. Bergeson can lead the way [emphasis added].
Meanwhile the grandest of all unintended consequences, the Frenchification of American education, continues apace.


The Science Goddess said...

It's interesting that "highly qualified" doesn't apply until high school math. Kinda late to be getting them in front of kids.

Jim Anderson said...

I read a report somewhere claiming that two bad elementary teachers in a row could doom a struggling student. You're absolutely right: it's not just a high school problem.