Dec 31, 2006

lightning strikes cause narcolepsy

It strikes me as plausible: a lightning bolt would probably shake up a brain's delicate mix of neurotransmitters. It's not a usual cause, however; as this article explains,
To date, we have counted 116 symptomatic cases of narcolepsy reported in literature. As, several authors previously reported, inherited disorders (n=38), tumors (n=33), and head trauma (n=19) are the three most frequent causes for symptomatic narcolepsy. Of the 116 cases, 10 are associated with multiple sclerosis, one case of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, and relatively rare cases were reported with vascular disorders (n=6), encephalitis (n=4) and degeneration (n=1), and hererodegenerative disorder (three cases in a family).
No word on if Zeus's handiwork was involved in any of the above.

Unfortunately, this study of three narcolepsy cases following "injury by electric current" isn't accessible to me. Lends weight to your thesis, whoever you are.

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