Dec 26, 2006

Adam Morrison Watch: Day 57

As The Watch reaches its second month, I pause to warn readers that I'll be a lot more lax about following Morrison (and Redick) in the second half of the season. Morrison is making an impact, but for a team that has no chance of competing in the playoffs. Redick, on the other hand, is mostly bench-riding for a potential playoff threat.

Now, on to the most recent Morrison news: the Montana marksman scored 17 in the Cats' loss to the Mavericks. He shot a respectable 7-14 from the field, but his teammates hit only 39% of their shots, leading coach Bickerstaff to comment, "Our problem is real simple. It's putting the ball in the basket." (Or, to be more accurate, not putting the ball in the basket.)

(Did you know that Morrison is known for his candor and forthrightness? Yea, he is a veritable font of truth.)

Meanwhile, re: Redick, the Orlando Sentinel reports,
Cave Springs High School in Roanoke, Va., was well represented by pro athletes over the weekend, though only one of the two truly represented while in town.

Orlando Magic rookie G J.J. Redick didn't play in the 86-83 loss Saturday to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Tampa Bay veteran CB Ronde Barber started his 118th consecutive game for the Bucs, the most by any defensive back in the NFL.

Though their jerseys are retired at the school, Redick and Barber have never met.

"It wasn't until about his second year at Duke that I heard about him, that he went to Cave Springs, and how he basically won [the state championship] by himself,'' Barber said of Redick's career-high 43-point outburst in the Virginia Class 3A final. "Cave Springs doesn't win state championships in anything.''

Barber plans to attend the Magic's game Jan. 19 against Washington where he hopes to meet Redick and talk about the ol' homestead.
They'll have plenty of time to chew the fat, I'm sure.

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