Dec 15, 2006

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: Day 46, Morrison v. Redick

Previewing the matchup a year ago, it would have been the greatest rookie v. rookie bout of the century, but, thanks to untimely injuries and a deep Orlando bench, the magic was all Morrison. Coming off the bench (which seems to be his best mode), Morrison lit up Orlando for 22, while teammate Sean May dropped 32. 'Cats rolled, 99-89.

May had good words for the Montana greenhorn:
"For whatever reason, we play well together," May said of Morrison. "Adam does a good job of spacing the floor, giving you an outlet, and with his ability to score he opens up so much."
Redick scored five, and "received boos and cheers every time he entered the game."

More photos here.

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