Nov 24, 2006

when you're stuck in a ditch in British Columbia

1. You will stop and wonder, how did I get here? And then you will remember: you thought you could make it. It was just slush and big, wet flakes, and you drove slowly but steadily, despite the darkening sky and the strengthening snowfall. It was just ten more miles to Whistler. Soon it was just two more miles.

At 1.2 miles, the road slipped out from under your wheels. You turned to your wife and nonchalantly announced, "Officially, we're coasting now." You tried to gear down and steer in the direction of the skid, but that just meant crashing into the ditch across the road.

That's how you got here.

2. People will stop, even when you wave them on, since you already have a tow truck coming and if they stop on this incline they might not start again. (They can't feel the skating rink ice under the slush, the ice that sent you gently careening into a ditch.) People will stop and ask, "Everything okay?" Thumbs up and they'll be gone.

3. The RCMP officer and the tow truck driver will both ask you how you are doing. You will laugh as a reflex.

4. You will part with $87 (Canadian), a burst of adrenaline, a photo of the wreck (and the accompanying snow angel), and a story-worthy memory. You will blog about it when you get the time.

Update: And your brother will suffer a similar fate. On the same day.

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caroline said...

My poor brothers...both on the same day.

I love you! I hope your thanksgiving was otherwise enjoyable :)...