Nov 3, 2006

strings attached

Sign that the WASL is here to stay: you can now win a scholarship for scoring highly in math and science.
DeVry will award students with qualifying 10th-grade math and science WASL scores a $1,500 scholarship for each semester the student is enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at DeVry University’s Federal Way or Seattle/Bellevue campuses, for a total of up to $12,000 over eight semesters. Students achieving qualifying scores on the eighth-grade science WASL are eligible to lock in a scholarship award of $500 per each semester the student is enrolled at DeVry, for a total of up to $4,000. The eighth-grade scholarships will be granted by DeVry University regardless of the student’s subsequent performance on the 10th-grade WASL as long as the student achieves the requirements for high school graduation. DeVry has set no limit on the number of scholarships it will grant.
Remind me again why we don't just use the SAT and call it good?

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