Nov 15, 2006

so much for all my bright ideas

This morning's meeting was quite informative, since our Culminating Project coordinator shared a massive handout describing the process, a graduation requirement for this year's juniors. More important than the project suggestions are the project prohibitions, which include (but are not limited to):
  • human experimentation
  • food eating contests
  • donkey basketball
  • snake handling
  • Jell-O wrestling
When I was reading over the list, a colleague warned, "Jell-O wrestling is risky. Have you ever tried it?"

No. No I have not.


Aaron said...

I am piloting a senior project, using blogging! But other than that I don't know what the project is.

Jim Anderson said...

An idea: create a historical blog, like the Pepys diary, based on a historical figure, commenting on current events. Or use a figure from art or literature. Or a famous scientist blogging the results of