Nov 2, 2006

on our minds: fall 2006 edition

Time again for in-class debates in my English courses. Last year's topic list is here, as a point of comparison.

Freshmen had an open topic selection.
  • Reincarnation is real.
  • Cloning human beings is good.
  • Affirmative action scholarships reduce the effects of racism.
  • Same sex couples should be allowed civil unions.
  • Gay marriage should be legitimate.
  • "Freak dancing" should be allowed at school dances.
  • CHS should have an open campus.
  • Evolution and creation should both be taught in school.
  • Gay marriage should be allowed.
  • The WASL should be a graduation requirement.
Juniors chose a resolution specific to cultural conflict and cultural norms.
  • Disney movies respect different cultures. Disney movies ought to respect different cultures more. (The original resolution gave too much ground to the negative.)
  • We should impose our culture on others.
  • Traditional medicine should supplement modern medicine.
  • We should follow tradition.
  • America's obsession with body modification is wrong.
  • Ritual suicide is acceptable.
  • Religious minorities should conform to the values of the majority.
  • Permanent cosmetic body modification is wrong.
  • Visitors should adopt the traditions of their destinations.
  • Schools have the right to choose which holidays they will observe.

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