Nov 25, 2006

J.J. Redick Watch: Day 25

LZ Granderson asks, Where have you gone, J.J.?
Six months ago he was the center of the college basketball universe – breaking records, winning awards as Duke University's sharpshooter. But now the 22-year-old is muddled in the kind of obscurity that's usually reserved for people like William Hung and Nancy McKeon. The 11th overall pick in the June NBA draft is on the inactive list with the Orlando Magic. Although he's now healthy after missing the summer and preseason with a back injury, he's behind nine other perimeter players in the rotation.


A Web site supposedly dedicated to him ( hasn't been updated since he was drafted. Not even June's DWI charge was able to keep Redick's ink flowing by summer's end. It's interesting how the Wooden and AP Player of the Year can fall out of our consciousness so quickly. But what I found even more interesting is that he says he doesn't even really miss it.
Blame fickle fate (or, in Redick's estimation, fickle Providence), and even fickler fans. But where Redicks' fans have failed, this blog has stepped up, offering continuous updates on the Redick situation. He probably won't play until he's traded--or, heaven forfend, makes the team due to another's injury. Nevertheless, I'll keep track of his prospects, if for no other reason than to spite Charley Rosen.

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