Nov 8, 2006

hello, alternative assessment

So far, after two tries, less than 60% of Washington's class of 2008 are on track to graduate.
Adding the August WASL results to those who passed the test in the spring, 87.2 percent have passed reading, 85.7 percent have passed writing and 57.7 percent have passed math.
Even if we don't scrap the test, shouldn't it come under pretty heavy scrutiny? Are Washington's other math scores--the SAT, the ITBS, CAT, whatever--that far off? Is it possible that the WASL is just too tough for normal students?

(I don't know from experience, never having taken it, and never having taught math. I welcome your learned insights.)

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Ryan said...

I think it's a fair test. There's a sample test posted on-line here, and I don't think what they're asking the kids to do is out of line.