Nov 1, 2006

fire destroys CHS teacher's home

Chris McNabb, math teacher at Capital, got a shocking call around noon yesterday. His home was ablaze, and going up fast. You'd have to know Chris to understand what he did next: frantically run around the school looking for a sub. A math teacher told me, "We said, 'Chris, we'll do that for you, go home!'" He did.

Turns out that everyone in his family got out safely, but all their physical possessions were destroyed. (Chris's is the second fire described in the article.) So, the good folks at CHS have set up a fund for Chris and his family, and are taking donations.

I first met Chris a couple years ago when he was fresh from Issaquah High, here to shake things up, mathematically speaking. To my surprise, Chris and I had a second-degree separation: his dad taught my dad Latin back in the day--I should say, back when Latin was still a live language.

Chris has been stoic about the whole ordeal, his good humor and equanimity undiminished by the loss. We wish you well, Mr. McNabb, and hope you're back on your feet soon. We're glad we can help in some small way.

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