Nov 29, 2006

carnival ideas for your consideration

I'm thinking of starting a new carnival (I tried once before, and eventually failed, but never let failure deter you from future failure). I have three ideas.

1. A "carnival of questions."

Many searches that lead to my blog are questions that are perhaps unanswerable. For the first "carnival of questions," bloggers would submit their answers to those questions. The next host would collect her own list, and bloggers would submit new answers, ad infinitum.

2. A "carnival of search terms."

If you're a long-time reader, you know where this is going. Carnival participants would send in the post titled with an interesting (or even outrageous) search term that led to their blog, forging a creative, perhaps unexpected explanation or connection.

3. A "carnival of blog titles."

It wouldn't have to be a one-shot deal. Each week would have a theme: best animal-related title, best title from a work of fiction, cleverest pun, etc.

Your thoughts? Any one strike you as worthwhile, and, if so, would you participate, and encourage others to join the fun?

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