Nov 2, 2006

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: Day One

Charley Rosen once said,
Congratulations to J.J. for a super-duper career against immature undergraduates whose coaches were easily outmaneuvered by Coack K. Here's hoping that Redick majored in an academic subject that will provide him and his with a viable livelihood.

Like Redick, Morrison had enough stuff to excel in a boys' game, but the NBA is for men only (except for an occasional man-child like LeBron). Like Redick, Morrison's off-the-ball movement and bull's-eye shooting versus largely inferior and dull-witted opponents was sufficient to make him an "all-everything."
Morrison scored 14 in his NBA debut. Redick was inactive.

Update: Morrison link fixed. Thanks, trp.


Emmett said...

And, better than those two, Brandon Roy went 10-16 for 20 points.

teacherrefpoet said...

Morrison scored 14. Your link was to a preseason game.

Jim Anderson said...

I woulda fixed it sooner, if I hadna been gone all night. Thanks.