Nov 29, 2006

Adam Morrison and J. J. Redick Watch: Day 29

Morrison scored only 6, and the 'Cats lost by 9 to the Hawks, thanks to poor shooting all around. Morrison's non-defense didn't exactly help.
"There was nothing I could really do except try to make him miss, and that didn't work," Morrison said. "That's why he's an All-Star caliber player. He showed tonight he's definitely a star in this league, a superstar."
And that's why Morrison's not--yet. Potential. Kid's got potential. Gotta admit it.

(Redick update to follow at the conclusion of tonight's contest.)

Redick sat, and the Magic won again, this time over our hapless Sonics. (Those fond of the post hoc fallacy will see the connection.)

Update: According to the Orlando Sentinel,
Rookie SG J.J. Redick, who did not dress for Monday night's game against the Jazz in Salt Lake City, was activated Wednesday night against the SuperSonics. Second-year PG Travis Diener was deactivated. Coach Brian Hill said he likely will keep alternating between Redick and Diener until F Pat Garrity fully recovers from a strained right knee and is activated.
Meanwhile, in Main Street Newspapers:
It has been brutally tough and humbling for a cocksure kid who needs a trophy room to house the player-of-the-year awards he earned last season.

“It’s a new experience,” Redick said, in a grand understatement. “It’s definitely different. Any other season . . . .I’m out there.”

He had to heal from a herniated disc and plantar fascia before training camp, and the delay caused him to play catch-up. He played in two preseason games, scoring just zero points --- unfathomable for the ACC’s all-time leading scorer.

“We talked,” Magic Coach Brian Hill said. “I know the frustration J.J.’s going through coming off everything he accomplished in college.

“It’s going to be frustrating.”
I smell trade bait.

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