Oct 8, 2006

yeas, hmms, and nays in the 30th legislative district

The Federal Way Mirror has the full story. See here for other candidates' positions on education.

House, 30th District (Federal Way)

Hmm: Incumbent Mark Miloscia (D) and Anthony Kalchik (R)
Saith the Mirror: "Both candidates agreed that the WASL test should continue as a requirement for graduation, but they also said improvements are needed.

Kalchik recommended learning from more successful tests in other states. Miloscia said WASL as a graduation requirement needs to be delayed until improvements are made."

House, 30th District

Yea: Incumbent Tracey Eide (D) and Renee Maher (R)
Saith the Mirror:
"When asked to prioritize education, public safety, health and transportation, both candidates placed education at the top of their lists.

The candidates were asked whether they would support the Federal Way School District in a potential lawsuit against state for better funding.... "I am not a fan of litigation," Maher said. Suing the state, however, may be the only way for the district to get its fair share, she said. Eide said she would also support the district. "It is absolutely the state's paramount duty to fund education," she said.
Senate, 30th District

Nay: Incumbent Skip Priest (R)
Supports charter schools, which are of rather dubious efficacy.

Yea: Helen Stanwell (D)
Saith the Mirror: "Stanwell criticized current funding formulas as unfair to the Federal Way School District. 'That is an archaic system,' she said. 'It's helping the wealthiest of our school districts. To me this is discrimination and I think it should cease and desist.'"

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