Oct 5, 2006

watch for changes

I enjoyed an hour at Starbucks* with the WEA's affable communications guru, Rich Wood, who shared his thoughts about getting more teachers involved in political activism, and not only listened, but asked for mine. Maybe it was the magic of a decaffeinated mocha, or the nostalgic anecdotes about TRS-80s and Apple IIe's, but I came away energized. Pumped, you might even say.

I've got an agenda.

First, I want to sign up at least five other teachers--or, for that matter, get signed up--onto a group teaching / politics / activism blog, following this model. Partisans, union members, sure, but most important, authentic, sincere people who care about education and are unashamed to tell you about it.

Second, you're going to see new links on the sidebar very soon, as I start to figure out which area teachers are blogging, and which might be interested in building a community of bloggers.

Third, if I get signed up for this whole NewsCrew thing, I'm going to be even better informed, even wiser, even cleverer than I am now.

In a year's time, we'll revisit and see how these goals matched reality. Watch this space, and watch out.

*Batdorf and Bronson closes at 7:00 p.m. Why? Do we not deserve superior coffee at all hours?

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