Oct 12, 2006

that's Dr. T: the appeal to authority

I have a perfect example now, thanks to that fool pitier, Mr. T.
“My show ain’t no Dr. Phil, where people sit around crying, ‘What’s wrong with me, Dr. Phil? What’s wrong with me, Dr. Phil?’ ” Mr. T said.

“You are a fool! That’s what’s wrong with you. ... My show is the Dr. Phil on wheels.”

“I ain’t no shrink,” Mr. T said, “but I don’t shrink from no challenge, neither.”
When I'm teaching my debaters about the Appeal to Authority and its abuses, I set it up like this:
Claim: I need to get real.
Evidence: Dr. Phil told me to.
Warrant: Dr. Phil knows what's best for me.
(Backing: After all, he has his own TV show.)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. T, for the chance to make my example even more memorable.

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