Oct 10, 2006

an open letter to the Juneau School Board

Dear Alaskan Friends,

I recently read that you're considering two names for your new high school, and have parsed the arguments for both choices: "Thunder Mountain" is strong and cheer-worthy, while "Capital" sounds "regal and hopeful." As an outsider, I salute your commitment to respectful, reasoned debate, and will shelve my linguistic and analytic critiques, content to offer another perspective.

There are already way, way too many Capital High Schools in this country. Four, if Wikipedia is to be trusted. Choosing "Capital" will only augment confusion.

Consider my recurring experience. When I travel within Washington, and tell acquaintances that I teach English at Capital High School, they immediately ask, "Where's that?"

"In the capital city," I say, shrugging and sighing. "Olympia."

"Oh," they say, embarrassed.

I don't blame them. Capital High School is a generic name, about as generic as my own. Preserve your uniqueness, Juneaueans. Choose "Thunder Mountain." We don't need another CHS.



Jim Anderson
Capital High School
Olympia, Washington


Aaron said...

And for God's sake, if you do become Capital High School, make your mascot the Capitols. That way, you can be the Capital Capitols. And that would be puntastic

TeacherRefPoet said...

Thunder Mountain? Why not Flatulence Peak?

thetachyix said...

I modestly suggest that their mascot should be "taxes".