Oct 11, 2006

local control, indeed

So the guy running for the school board homeschools his own kids. Is there a rule that homeschooling parents, or, for that matter, adults without children, should be barred from serving, or have no interest in public schooling?

(No, there isn't.)

Most of the commentators at Obscure Store, where I found the story, either carp about typical homeschool stereotypes (they're socially maladjusted Jesus freaks) or vilify those who do (generalities are never true). C'mon, people.

It's possible that Frederic, Wisconsin's public schools need an outsider's perspective. The mountain makes a better molehill:
The upset in Frederic is all the more unusual because another home-schooling parent served on the board a few years ago.... Four of the five seats, including Jensen's, will be on the ballot in April.
Those concerned about the democratic process--Jensen was appointed--can vote him out in the upcoming.

After all, how much damage can one guy do in six months?

(Don't answer that.)

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