Oct 10, 2006

hollow words

Here's why Bush's claim that "local schools remain under local control" is hogwash.
Washington Learns is set to make its recommendations for changes in the state's education system in November. The math curriculum suggestion is preliminary and would require legislative approval.

The state could decide on three or four suggested math curricula, though it's unclear what those curricula would be, steering committee members said Monday.

Schools or school districts with less than a certain percentage of students - possibly 85 percent - meeting state standards on the math WASL would be required to adopt one of the suggested options.

The curricula would need to teach standards that could be used to compare Washington students' performance with that of their peers across the country and across the globe, said Gov. Chris Gregoire, the steering committee's chairwoman. The move could mean changing Washington's graduation requirements in math to line up with the recommended curricula.
A local--truly local--teacher says it best.
"I'm not sure we've shown ourselves to be the best judge of curriculum," said Scott Rutledge, head of the Olympia High School math department, referring to the math standards tested on the WASL compared with those used in some other states. "I'd want to make sure all voices are heard."

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