Oct 17, 2006

CHS's dropout rate down

I hope it's more than a statistical artifact, but if it's real, it's encouraging: Capital's dropout rate, as reported by the OSPI, has fallen from 5.5% in 2002-2003 to 1.9% in 2004-2005, [pdf, scroll down to Olympia] the last year for which data are available.

In 2002-2003, we had 86 dropouts. Last year we had 27, including 9 who went to get their GED.


Blogmastergeneral said...

Weren't you employed begining in 2001? Since then dropout rates have decreased dramatically... therefore you have decreased dropout rates dramatically. And you have taught me the argumentation to make that point clear as well. New blog at http://acisrael.blogspot.com

Jim Anderson said...

Indeed, you have mastered the post hoc fallacy. I am so proud.

Blogmastergeneral said...

if then, therefore because of?

If I got that right just then, it was therefore impressive because of my limited intelligence

Jim Anderson said...

"After this, therefore because of this." Protracted sigh.