Sep 28, 2006

Washington's 35th district: no or no?

The WEA's favored son, Kyle Taylor Lucas, couldn't bust 43% in the Democratic primary. The winners: Tim Sheldon, a Republican incognito, and Mark Shattuck, a Republican without a party. Who deserves a teacher's vote?

Let's head to the Olympian, which posted some of the results of their endorsement interview.

"Education, environment, rights" reads the headline. (Nice asyndeton!)

I dare you--triple dog dare you--to find any direct mention of education in the article. (Nice expletive!)

You could be perfectly safe and vote for nobody.

Update: Now I understand why the headline is so misleading: in the shredded alder version of the paper, the headline covers two articles. There's good news, however. Mark Shattuck emailed me to clarify his educational positions, and, if he gives me permission, I'll publish his thoughts on the blog, along with his takes on specific WEA policies and proposals. If it takes a blog to get the word out, so be it.

Update Update: Shattuck's thoughts are posted. Oh, and "favored son" is a metaphor, for all you overly literal-minded readers out there.


AC said...

Umm... Kyle Lucas would be a favored daughter

Anonymous said...

Hence the note. *Sigh.* Some people.