Sep 4, 2006

vacation timeshare

You know those reports where Americans come off as workaholics because they, by and large, take waaaaaay fewer vacation days than they should?
Not only is the average number of annual vacation days granted to them a mere 12.4 - less than that of the average medieval peasant - but more than a third of us don't even use all of our allotted time off.

Collectively, American workers give a whopping 1.6 million years' worth of unused vacation time back to their employers every year. We may like to think of ourselves as charitable, but this is ridiculous.

Even worse, at least 20 percent of us admit to sneaking some work along with us during our paltry vacation time, according to the New York-based Families and Work Institute. The American Management Institute puts the figure at closer to 50 percent. Either way, the trend appears to be increasing.
Well, now we know why. It's because we've been wasting so much time at work, we have to take work home to balance it out.

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