Sep 19, 2006

teachers and technology

Sometimes they mix. For instance, a certain blogging buddy of mine sent me a near-final draft of a piece he was about to send off for publication. I sent back comments, he utilized some, and then sent me back the final-final copy--which, in its time, will be mangled to death by a professional editor before hitting the press.

Since I've been helping freshfolks discover the magic of revision, it seemed wise to incorporate this real world experience for their benefit. Thirty minutes later, a Powerpoint was born, and they could see the process unfolding, concretely illustrating my maxim, "Everything written is a work in progress."

Score two for technology.

Ludditism battled back, though. The school district has switched to a new email program, and some otherwise capable people can't figure it out. After several hit "reply all" instead of "reply sender," clogging up everyone else's inbox, I sent a broadside explaining the difference--and the danger.

Several teachers wrote back to say thanks. One response, in particular, stuck out to me. It read, "Vert good."

It was sent to the entire staff.


TeacherRefPoet said...

I hate the accidental reply-all. The only thing I hate worse is the intentional, snide, let's-screw-over-a-teacher reply all.

Loved the powerpoint, by the way.

Jim Anderson said...

With that clip incorporated, the Powerpoint will go from good to shazam!