Sep 5, 2006

school starts tomorrow

Which puts this recent demonstration in perspective:
At one day old, none of the infants showed any imitation. By day three, however, infants started to copy the researchers’ expressions, including tongue protrusions, mouth opening and lip smacking – all typical macaque expressions....

By two weeks, all imitative behaviour had ceased, showing the imitation period in the monkeys is far shorter than for great apes. However, the researchers note that macaques may copy other macaques for longer.
By the time macaques reach high school, they group into cliques like the majaques and mageeques, proving beyond a scientific doubt that their imitative powers have completely revived.


Mark said...

I almost feel bad for you. But at least you have the opening day assembly to look forward to right?

Jim Anderson said...

No opening day assembly this year--no more new teacher humiliation, no more awkward first-day speeches and schedules. We're saving our pep for the Spaghetti Bowl rally.