Sep 8, 2006

outgoing, upcoming

Today closed the first short week of school, three fantastic days, in retrospect. I...

1. Watched as an eager debate class dove into arguing the fine points of domestic surveillance, FISA, and the War on Terror. I jumped in only twice, to point out a couple directions for research and to suggest how to divide labor.

2. Enjoyed learning about the bizarre exploits and quirks of my freshfolks and juniors, who had interviewed each other about their accomplishments and "things we wouldn't ever guess about them." Two students in separate classes have appeared in TV commercials, one is champion speed skater, and several despise mustard.

3. Slumped in disbelief when the air conditioning magically turned on at 2:50, too late to dispel the day-long odor of high-octane learning. Again.

4. Mentally steeled myself for the 30th annual Spaghetti Bowl, Capital vs. Oly in a non-league matchup. (We--Capital--lead the series 18-11, I am told.)

5. Tried to forget that I have a forensics meeting tomorrow morning in Federal Way.

6. Tried to forget that the Mariners game we--the wife and I--are attending tomorrow was rendered meaningless by an 11-game road losing streak. Since I'm over 14, I can't even take home a Cloverdale Meats Lunch Box.

7. Whistled "The Theme from Rocky" in the halls.

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"Whistled "The Theme from Rocky" in the halls" LOL