Sep 26, 2006

no news isn't good news

This morning, battling a cold that kept me grounded yesterday, I scanned the Olympian's website. After the latest gun-at-school story brought forth a heavy sigh, and the announcement that fetes at the Governor's Mansion were kiboshed launched an avalanche of tears, I was looking for some good news. Specifically, a follow-up on the WEA's meeting at Olympia High School last night.

Nothing. I checked the paper in the teacher's lounge at lunch to be sure. Still nothing.

Now, it may not have been a stellar example of advocacy--word from a reliable source is, the presentation was a bit ham-handed, and the discussion afterward not terribly useful--but dang it, somebody from The Daily Rag shoulda been there--or, if they were, it shoulda made the paper today.

Ah, well. At least I can carry shampoo to San Diego again.

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