Sep 6, 2006

the marathon begins

Talking to a colleague in the history department yesterday, I found out that he's teaching 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th periods, which he called "The Marathon." This year my schedule's equally breathless, starting at 1st and running straight through to 5th, with only short breaks and a half hour lunch for respite. I miss that mid-day reflection time, which provided a chance to change tactics if an early lesson bombed.

The trimester is another marathon, but for my first period debate class, it's a marathon sprint, a year's curriculum finished in thirteen weeks.

In fact, I don't have time to blog. I've got to get ready to teach.


Flower delivery said...

I am sorry you have no time to blog, but I hope you will survive teaching.

teacherrefpoet said...

In our block schedule, there are days we have no prep. They can be brutal, although it's the only reality I've ever known. (But we then get 100 minutes or prep the next day.)