Sep 12, 2006

are you ready for the revolution? virtual learning hits the Olympia school district

It was only a matter of time.
One K-8 distance learning program would reach out to students receiving home-based instruction. That program - one of two in a new Olympia Regional Learning Academy - likely will begin in late October or early November.

A second program mostly focused on high school and some middle school courses would allow students to learn online and would be open to existing Olympia School District students.

That program likely will begin shortly after a teacher is hired and could appeal to students who have dropped out of school or can't attend school during regular hours because of family or work obligations.

"We're really going to be listening to what families say they need and build on that," Joy Walton, administrator of the Olympia Regional Learning Academy, told the Olympia School Board on Monday.
The floodgates are open.

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