Aug 25, 2006

a workaround to create a "recent posts" list in Blogger Beta

This is the perfect definition of a "Yak Shaving Razor." I first used it to work around a Blogger error that was keeping my content from displaying on the main page, but soon realized that it would also replace the "recent posts" feature that, for some reason, isn't (yet?) available in Blogger Beta.

In other words, this will let readers see a list of your five most recent posts, at least until Blogger fills the gap or allows template HTML editing.

Why it works
Beta lets you add RSS feeds from the layout screen. Using your blog's own RSS feed (which updates every ten minutes or so), you can list your most recent posts.

Here's what you do
First, click "add a page element," then choose "feed" and click "add to blog." Title your feed "recent posts" and use this for the URL: Be sure to save your changes. Then, back on the layout screen, move it to the top of your sidebar--or wherever you want it to go.

That's it. Your readers can see the clever titles of your most recent material in one easy-access location. No scrolling needed.

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