Aug 30, 2006

two persons, one very unique body

As John Lizza explains, the biological definition of humanity has difficulty accommodating the extreme cases. Consider Abigail and Brittany Hensel, healthy conjoined twins fused at the pelvis, sharing one blood stream, one liver, one reproductive system, one small intestine, and one large intestine, but with two stomachs (and two very different sets of tastes), two sets of lungs, two hearts, two heads, two brains, and two personalities.

[Thanks to Burgess Shale for the link.]


the ivisible veil said...

Thank you for posting the link.Im a new fan...thanks

Josh said...

This isn't related, but could relink the gecko suit article? Man, that thing is cool.

Jim Anderson said...

There's this one and this one. I honestly don't remember linking to a gecko suit story. Sadly, the CNET article says that a Spiderman-style suit is out of reach at the moment.