Aug 29, 2006

summer of bargaining: over for Everett?

Updating a post from earlier this summer, Everett's union and the district, at long last, have reached a tentative agreement. The union has to vote on it, and no details are forthcoming. Elsewhere, the work goes on:
The Monroe and Sultan school districts, as well as Skykomish, are still negotiating new contracts with their teachers.
Update: It's done. Congratulate Everett teachers, who have picked up a 6.75% raise over the next three years.

Update update: Here's why you should always look for another source. The Everett Herald goes into all the details of the new contract offer, including the different levels of raises (higher for new hires) and a couple surprising changes:
* Current employees get preference over new hires for open positions.

* Principals can no longer require teachers to turn in weekly lesson plans.

* Teachers can go off campus for their 40-minute lunch period.

* Couches and other such furniture are no longer prohibited in classrooms.
A forty-minute lunch... must be nice.

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