Aug 6, 2006

never go in the woods without a topo map

While I'm on vacation, part of which involves tent camping, I thought I'd point out the outrageous lawsuit of the week, if not the century. Sadly, the story gives little detail, tantalizing but ultimately frustrating us, but what we know is that a 23-year-old of dubious intelligence is suing the federal government for not warning him about a 20-to-30-foot cliff in the vicinity of his campsite, which he fell into while... yes... finding a place to pee.

Oh, and it was dark out.

Now, I may not be a legal authority, but I do know a little bit about camping, and rule number one of Woodsmanship is when you set up camp, immediately scout the environs for a safe place to urinate. Mr. Mersereau wandered offsite to relieve himself, and found out exactly how dangerous it is to ignore this vital rule.

[link via Obscure Store]

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