Aug 31, 2006

Napoleon did it. Wikipedia says it. That settles it.

My school email inbox just received a Saint Martin's professor's stern warning about an insidious trend:
In the last couple of years I have seen a noticeable increase in the use of Wikipedia by students. It is not, however, a legitimate source, b/c anyone can update/edit the online encyclopedia, regardless of expertise and without quoting sources. I tell my students that it may be a fine place to start your research (even this I distrust, but I try and throw them a bone), but all outside material must be sourced elsewhere and appropriately.
Tell that to The Olympian.


Mark said...

Wikipedia will be bashed by academic elitists endlessly because it undermins their source of income, credibility, and foundation of elitism.

There are wikipedia pages that have been closed to editing that are considered reputable sources. Wikipedia is a fantastic resource and while I agree - citing it in academic work may not be acceptable, citing it elsewhere sure is. Academics need to get their self-loving heads out of their own self-loving asses.

Jim Anderson said...

When a Wikipedia page locks, do they put up a sign that reads "Marketplace of Ideas Closed Indefinitely?"

Mark said...

No - it can be re-opened, but certain pages are locked down so they can be cited as reputable sources.

Obviously George W. Bush isn't going to get locked down but something like the element Argon might.

Pluto for example was unlocked to change its planetary status recently.

/Did a research paper and a few articles in the newspaper on the wonders of Wiki :p