Aug 28, 2006

judge God, lest ye be judged

This post by Jason Rosenhouse got me thinking.

Debates about theodicy may begin in different places, but, eventually, all end up where the Book of Job ends, with an unanswerable question, "Who are you to judge God?"

Yet the apostle Paul claims that we can observe nature, and from its mere existence not only determine that God exists, but is worthy of obedience, making humanity therefore "without excuse" for rejecting Him. We are not only able to judge God, but obliged to. Our soul's fate may depend on it.

So, which is it? If we are able to judge God's goodness, why are we not also able to judge His badness?

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Murky Thoughts said...

Because apostle Paul didn't say we could judge His Badness, silly! Presumably Jesus didn't say it either. What ain't there ain't so. I reckon that's why the Amish don't use microwaves.